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Adekunbi Adeoye

Executive Director of SESEWA
Adekunbi Adeoye

Adekunbi is the Executive Director of SESEWA, a career development company in Lagos, Nigeria. She is mostly referred to as Nigeria's 'First Lady of internships' for being founder of Nigeria's 1st internship focused organization.

She founded SESEWA while still in University in 2009 with the sole aim of supporting students during & after their academic programs with opportunities that allows them explore their career interests. She finds pathways which they can launch their careers through internships, volunteer placements and other career related opportunities.

Adekunbi’s passion for excellence and society development has seen her become one of Nigeria’s fastest growing young CEO. Her vision for starting SESEWA is to set a new edge for recruiting and professionalism in the workplace and a passion to see young people achieve career success in line with their personal aspirations.

Adekunbi Adeoye is young, bright and astute, and she works relentlessly on achieving her set goals.Adekunbi was selected as an African leader to be a part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship in 2015. She was currently listed as one of 100 Visionary Leaders across the globe by Real Leaders and is a recipient of several awards in Social Innovation & Exemplary Leadership for her work at SESEWA.

She is also a frequent speaker at several trainings and workshops.

The Covenant Place,
Iganmu, Lagos

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Best performers will be selected and given fantastic opportunities and rewards. Understand YPB better with our FAQs

What is YPB?

The Young Professionals Bootcamp (YPB) is a 5 day in-residence program for high potential 20-25 year olds to learn world class practical training for success in the marketplace.

How can I participate in the bootcamp?

You can participate by applying online at

Are there entry requirements?

You must be between 20-25 years by December, 2017. You should have a passion to succeed.

What are the areas of focus?

The courses available will be under the broad streams. Sectors are:
1. Entrepreneurship
2. Creative Arts and Media
3. Social Entrepreneurship and NGO
4. Politics/Governance and Public Sector
5. Corporate Career.

Is it free?

YPB is absolutely and completely FREE. Accommodation will also be made available for selected applicants.

Can I invite my friends within this age bracket to apply?

You most definitely can. Please feel free to visit YPB's Twitter and Facebook handles to share, like and comment.

Bootcamp dates and venue?

Dates are from November 29th to December 3rd, 2017. Venue will be communicated to successful applicants

If I had been selected but need to cancel, can I simply transfer my registration to someone else?

Admission cannot be transferred.

Is it only available to Lagos residents?

No. Anyone who meets the requirements across Nigeria can apply. However, participants outside Lagos will need to take care of their transportation to the venue.

As a Lagos resident, do I have to stay in the camp? Can't I simply resume every morning and leave after each day?

You should stay in the camp to enjoy the full benefits.

Is there a dress-code?

Dress in comfortable, casual but moderate clothing. Jeans and trainers are welcome.

How do I know if I have been selected?

You will be contacted either via e-mail and/or SMS.

What caliber of facilitators/ trainer should I expect?

You will have some of the best people, top performers in the various sectors. Visit the Facilitators section of the website to see a full list of your facilitators and a brief bio on each facilitator.

Are there exams to take? Will I receive a certification after this bootcamp? Will there be rewards for good performance?

There maybe group tests but no individual tests. On completion of all sessions, you will be awarded a certificate of participation. There will also be fantastic rewards for top performers.

Is there a number I could call for further information?

Please send further enquiries to

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